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Seven Things I Wish I Knew: Before Doing a Bathroom Renovation on My Own

Tuesday 12th March, 2019Return to Bathroom Blogs

It sounds like the perfect idea – complete the renovation yourself and save heaps of money. However, there are some huge considerations that many people forget to consider. So, in order for others to avoid the trap of renovations, I’ve compiled seven things that I wish I knew before doing my own bathroom reno:


You Don\’t Actually Save as Much Money as You Think

The saying time is money is very true. That is all the more true if you put a dollar value on the many hours you spent renovating. Plus, unexpected costs can add up super quickly. Not to mention all of that time could have been better spent socialising, working, learning or spending time with family. There’s nothing more valuable than time and in today’s fast paced society don’t add more pressure to your life. It’s best to leave it to your bathroom specialists.

It’s the most complicated room to renovate in your home.

A complete bathroom renovation basically requires all of the tradies involved in building a house. When you consider that a complete bathroom renovation requires a builder to oversee and manage the project; tilers; a plumber for bathroom fixtures, water supply, drainage and sewage; an electrician for lighting, sockets and switches; a chippy for timber frame-works, doorframes and wall-sheeting; a plasterer; a water-proofer; cabinet makers for all cabinetry, draws and bathroom mirror cabinets; and glaziers responsible for installing shower screens and mirrors.


Bathrooms Take Time!

When you consider all the work required for a bathroom renovation (above) then it will start to give you an idea that bathrooms can be a marathon. Most bathrooms take many months to perform on your own, even most bathroom companies can take months, while Ark Bathrooms finishes high quality bathrooms in 7-14 days with the highest quality of workmanship. That means you can spend many more months with your clean, complete bathroom. No stress and no mess.

Expect Stress, Stress and More Stress

With all that work, all in your hands, there are many decisions to be made and many tradies to organise. Ark Bathrooms takes all of that stress away with a complete service. Instead of adding to the stresses of life, sit back and let Ark Bathrooms do all of the work.

It\’s a BIG Risk

Performing work that should be performed by a qualified tradesmen can not only be dangerous but it is also illegal and may compromise future sales prospects.


Bathroom Mistakes can Destroy Homes in Hours

A botched bathroom, not performed by a professional service, can literally destroy a home in a matter of hours – water/sewage can be exceptionally destructive. What’s more, waterproofing failures are not covered by any insurance companies. This is one of the biggest mistakes made in the building industry due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of how waterproofing really works. Whereas, Ark Bathrooms, have used the same reliable waterproofer for 25 years and will 100% guarantee there will be no issues. This will be backed by a complete builders warranty.