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Bathroom Upgrades

Ark bathrooms also has a high percentage of clients who are just wanting to replace simple fixtures without completely renovating their bathroom. This can include replacing toilet suites, shower screens, showers, tapware, vanities, baths, tiles & many other bathroom accessories without disturbing waterproofing or tiling.


Whether your taps have reached their use by date or they have lost their aesthetic appeal, tap replacements is one of our most popular services. As tap specialists, we stock a wide array of tap styles; colours; and brands including Ram, Dorf, Caroma, Fienza, Phoenix, Hansa, Grohe, Argent and our very own Ark Tapware. If you’re looking for anything tap related or if you have any tap related questions we are here to help.


Shower screens are another popular bathroom upgrade service that we offer. Some of the most common issues we see are shower screens which don’t serve their purpose, outdated shower screens requiring replacement or outdated shower curtains requiring replacement. As can be seen in the bathroom below, an outdated shower curtain was replaced with a modern glass shower screen. Changing an outdated shower screen to a frameless or semi-frameless clear glass screen can have an incredible impact on any bathroom space.


Toilet suite replacements are another popular service offered by Ark Bathrooms. Over the last century we have evolved from the outhouse toilet to the simple inside toilet and now we have a wide array of modern toilet designs. The toilet has essentially become a designer piece in many bathrooms. We offer different colours, different styles and different brands including Caroma, RAK, Fienza, Argent, Villeroy & Boch and much more. Ultra modern toilet cisterns may be built-in with a floating basin. What’s more, we now have added toilet accessories such as bidets. In order to view some of our dramatic toilet renovations visit our before and after gallery; and if you’re looking for your perfect toilet suite visit our showroom.


You may want to replace your vanity due to a number of reasons, whether it be because its outdated, water-damaged or no longer serving its purpose. We can cater to your many vanity requests and requirements.


Baths can add an element of luxury and relaxation to any bathroom. We offer both built-in bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs. Your choice in bath will depend on your individual bathroom and the space available in your bathroom. In order to weigh up the pros and cons of both bath types visit our bath blog. It’s important to consider, however, that bath changes are more likely to require disturbances to the water proofing and tiles. Just like everything else related to bathrooms we are the bath specialists, so if you’re looking for a new bath for your bathroom don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

The pictures below incorporate old and new. We renovated the bath, shower and tiles in this bathroom while leaving everything else virtually unchanged as requested by the owner. Keeping the old timber flooring adds a lot of character and warmth.