Ondre is a seasoned pro in
the bathroom industry,
having worked with
commercial and residential
bathrooms for three decades.
He is licensed as both a
plumber and builder –
culminating into the perfect
bathroom reno combo.


Cory has been working in this
industry now for a decade. He
always knew this was his
calling and has been
following in his fathers foot
steps on work sites since he
was a toddler.As a licensed
plumber, Cory, is very
passionate about designing
beautiful bathrooms whilst
delivering superb service.


Jascinta works behind the
scenes and in the
showroom.All the while
juggling a Bachelor of
Business majoring in both
marketing and real estate;
and property development.
Since joining the team, she
has discovered a significant
passion for designing
bathrooms and managing


Jackson is our resident
photographer and can be
found behind the scenes
working in design and
marketing. When he’s not at
Ark Bathrooms, he works as a
local veterinarian.


Marcelle can be found behind
the scenes and in the
showroom. She has been
working in this industry for
almost three decades; and is
very passionate about
beautiful bathroom design
and functionality.Very few
can compete with her level of

You will have to meet the rest of our remarkable
tradesmen (including plumbers, tilers, electricians,
water-proofers, cabinet makers and plasterers) on
site – many of whom have worked with us for decades.