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Commercial Bathrooms

We also do commercial bathrooms. We understand that commercial bathrooms come in many shapes, sizes and names – it doesn’t matter if you call it a water closet, lavatory, john, ladies room, mens room, comfort station, dunny, powder room, outhouse, urinal or WC – we are all over it. We do commercial bathroom renovations for restaurants, offices, gyms, shops, senior homes, waiting rooms, centres, kindergartens, schools and much more.

See below and visit our gallery for images of a recent kindergarten toilet renovation completed in less than two weeks during school holidays. As can be seen extra cupboard space was placed above the toilet area allowing for extra storage of all the materials required in a kindergarten and leaving it out of sight. If you then look at the toilet area in the before and after image, you can see that toilet separators were introduced for privacy. What’s more, the toilets were replaced with modern cisterns and toilet covers. Finally, the tiled floors were replaced with vinyl flooring for both improved hygiene and to add better grip for the kindergarteners. This all adds up to a much more aesthetic and practical kindergarten bathroom.

In addition, we very recently performed a renovation for a company that required a shower in their bathroom. The shower was essential for their employees due to the potential messiness of their work necessitating showering in between jobs. The bathroom space of the commercial bathroom was very tight leaving very little space to work with. In order to add a shower, the basin and vanity area was demolished and a generously sized shower was put in its place. A much smaller, compact basin could then be placed in a corner of the bathroom near the toilet. This was all performed in less than two weeks so as to not disturb their business practices. Visit our gallery for before and after images of this commercial renovation.

One of the most important things in business is time. We completely understand that many businesses want to return to normal business operations as soon as possible which is why we pride ourselves on our fast bathroom turnover rates while still maintaining the highest quality of workmanship. As discussed, the two bathroom examples above were completed in less than two weeks. This is considerably better than many other businesses in the bathroom renovation industry and ultimately highlights our level of efficiency.

What’s more, we provide our clients with a detailed work schedule of the project so you can plan your days and your businesses operations around the renovation. We completely sympathise with the many stresses of business so the last thing you would want is an unpredictable bathroom renovation. Our detailed work schedule adds an element of predictability to your commercial bathroom renovation. In addition, we realise that your business is still being worked in, so all of our tradies take the utmost of care and respect of your businesses surroundings. We keep it clean and tidy during and after each days events. A detailed work schedule and a clean renovation means no stress and no mess.

As can be seen in the kindergarten renovation discussed above, there can be a lot of additional considerations for a commercial bathroom when compared to a home bathroom. For example, in the case of restaurants, the bathroom can actually have more of a lasting impact on people than the food. In a particular study, individuals were asked how the cleanliness of a restaurants bathroom relates to its kitchen and a whopping 78% of people said that a clean bathroom is a strong indicator of the cleanliness of the kitchen. While regular cleaning is obviously essential to bathroom cleanliness, there are also some important design decisions which can influence the appearance of cleanliness relating to colour/pattern choices, hand drying, soap dispenser choices, toilet design choices and urinal design choices. Surprisingly, when people were asked about their favourite restaurant bathrooms in a study, they didn’t cite the cleanest bathroom but rather bathrooms displaying the coveted wow factor. So another important decision is an excellent bathroom design.

To use another example, bathrooms in senior homes need to account for the practicality of using bathrooms with reduced mobility and increased risk of falls. This can be achieved with taller toilets, grip bars, more accessible cupboards, taps that are easier to turn and optimised grip flooring. Some of our geriatric clients or people planning for their senior years will also request these features for their home bathrooms.

Like we said in the introduction, it doesn’t matter if you call your commercial bathroom a water closet, lavatory, John, ladies room, mens room, comfort station, dunny, powder room, outhouse, urinal or WC; we are all over it. We cater to restaurant bathrooms, gym bathrooms, office bathrooms, school bathrooms, senior home bathrooms, shopping centre bathrooms, waiting room bathrooms, kindergarten bathrooms, school bathrooms and much more. If you are looking to renovate your businesses bathroom, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We would be more than happy to discuss your businesses bathroom needs.

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