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How to Make Your Bathroom Timeless: With These Five Important Points

Tuesday 12th March, 2019Return to Bathroom Blogs

One of the most significant objectives that people aspire to in any renovation is timelessness. Nobody wants to go through the cost and hassle of a renovation five or ten years after their original renovation. As a result, we have compiled five important points to make your bathroom stand the test of time:


Bigger is Better

Bigger tiles are less likely to date when compared to smaller tile patterns. Larger tiles will also act to expand and declutter smaller spaces. As can be seen in the bold 60x120cm tiles pictured above in a bathroom renovated by Ark Bathrooms.

Go for a neutral colour palette and simple pattern

Going for a neutral and traditional colour palette is probably one of the most important components of a timeless bathroom. If you’re wanting to go for something bold it is usually best to do this with painted walls or textiles as it is much easier to repaint a wall or replace towels.

Keep Things Basic

It’s sometimes easier said than done but developing an impactful minimalist bathroom will give your bathroom the best chance of standing the test of time. As can be seen in one of our bathroom renovations below, a simple white marbled tile pattern and simple chrome fixtures adds to a stunning minimalist design.


Splurge a Little

Splurge on high quality traditionally coloured fixtures as they are less likely to date. More importantly, high quality fixtures are more likely to physically last longer.

Don’t skimp on Storage

Finally, it doesn’t matter if it’s the past, present or future; storage is storage and adequate cabinet space within your vanity is essential.