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Why should washing clothes be such a chore? Laundries are quickly becoming the new bathrooms of modern homes. Make your laundry something you actually look forward to using with our designer laundry renovations. Visit our gallery for images of recent laundry renovations completed in less than two weeks.

The average laundry in a modern home needs to accomodate for more components than ever before. This includes, but is not limited to, a washer, a dryer, sufficient plumbing, a power supply, a sink, a vanity, bench space and lots of storage. All of these components then need to be incorporated into a stunning design with some unique technical considerations.

Similar to a bathroom, a laundry is considered a wet area so this adds a few technical considerations. First of all, it must comply with the rules set out in the Australian standard for a wet area; the electrical aspect must comply with the New Zealand/Australian wiring rules; and if you have a dryer then it must also be ventilated appropriately. These are concepts that Ark Bathrooms is more than familiar with, so there is no need to stress about these technical considerations if you’re completing your laundry renovation with us.

Another important consideration in laundries is its location. If you think the term ‘location, location, location’ only applies to real estate, you are mistaken. The location of your laundry can be super important due to two reasons – the noise that laundries can generate and the fact that it acts as the mudroom. It’s best to have your laundry located at the back or side of your house so you don’t drag mess through the whole home when it doubles as a mudroom. It’s also best to have your laundry located separate to locations such as bedrooms to reduce noise pollution. Although other strategies can be utilised to reduce noise such as extra layers of gypsum wallboard; or by filling joist spaces with rigid foam or spray-in insulation. Of course, some homes have limited space, especially those in units and apartments, making it difficult to select the perfect location.

With Australians increasingly living in units and apartments, the popularity of European laundries are growing in Australia. The European laundry moves away from laundries which take up an entire room, to laundries which save space and are incorporated into other rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. Of course, many spacious Australian houses still opt for an entire laundry room.

The laundry renovation below completely transformed the previous space from a beige and outdated layout to a stunning black and white design. This laundry was actually located in an apartment which goes to show that beautiful and spacious laundry designs are still possible with limited space. If you would like to see more of our laundry renovations then visit our gallery.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for the classic Australian laundry style or the growing European laundry style, they both look stunning in their respective settings. At the end of the day you want to choose a laundry that you actually look forward to using.